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    About how to write an event planning outline


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    1. A total of six links

      1. Clarify the operating goals of the activity
      You to analyze the current status of your current product and find a clearer operating goal and effort point.

      2. The gameplay of design activity
      The design of activity gameplay is a more important link in the operation of the activity operation. Generally speaking, the atmosphere is the design of the main line of the event and the design of the activity branch gameplay.
      The popular on -site big screen interactive system is a good choice at the scene. There are many ways to move. The participation of the people present is high and the atmosphere at the scene is warm.

      3. Communication adjustment plan, confirm the launch
      For an event, basically once the gameplay is confirmed, a planning plan and description of the event will be issued at each stage. The purpose of this plan is to allow colleagues, partners, boss bosses, etc. to understand your ideas, reduce communication costs, and be willing to invest you more resources to cooperate with your activities, or to cooperate with you. At this point, it can be confirmed to be online.

      4. The preheating and promotion of the event
      The preheated and promotion, it will help you build a closer interaction with users and be recognized by users.

      5. The execution of the activity, the data monitoring optimization n During the formal execution process, we will see that the data is dynamic. Do some optimization.

      6. The ending and summary of the event
      In the end of the end. At this time, if there are prizes, the prize is issued smoothly, and it is necessary to evaluate whether the activity has reached expectations. Find the execution process to find the execution process The key points are summarized.

    2. Tag/category:

      . The name of the planning book
      The planning name as much as possible, such as "× year × month ×× university ×× event planning book", placed in the center of the page center Of course, you can write the title as a subtitle below.

      . The background of the activity:
      The content of this part should be selected in the following projects according to the characteristics of the planning book; the specific projects are: basic situation introduction, main execution objects, recent status,, status,,, recent status, status,,, recent status, status,,, recent status, status,,, recent status, status,,, recent status, status,,,, recent status, status,,,,, recent status, status,,,,,, recent status, status,,,,,,,, Organizational departments, activities, social impact, and related purpose. Secondly, the environmental characteristics of the problem should be explained, and the inherent advantages, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the environment are mainly considered, and a comprehensive analysis of it (SWOT analysis) is made, and the content focuses on the various factors of environmental analysis. The current situation is described in detail and plans to formulate the situation through the prediction of the situation. If the environment is unknown, analysis should be added through investigation and research.

      . The purpose, significance and goals of the activity:
      The purpose of the activity and the simple and clear language of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose is clear; when the main point of the statement, the core composition or planning of the activity of the activity The uniqueness and the significance (economic benefits, social interests, media effects, etc.) should be clearly written. The goal of the activity must be concrete, and it needs to meet the importance, feasibility, timeliness

      . Resource needs:
      lists the required human resources, material resources, including the place used, such as the place used, such as the use of use, such as the use of use, such as the use of use, such as the use of use, such as the use of use, such as the use of use, such as the use of use, such as the use of use, such as the use of use, such as the use of use, such as the use of use, such as the use of use, such as the use of use, such as the use of use, such as the place used, such as the use of use, such as the place used, such as the place used, such as the use of use. Classrooms or use activity centers are listed in detail. It can be listed as two parts: existing resources and required resources.

      5. Event development:
      A as the text of the plan, the expression method must be simple and clear, so that people should be easy to understand, but the expression should be detailed and write what you can think of No omissions. In this part, not only is it limited to expressing text, but also the statistical charts can be added appropriately; for each working item planning, it should be arranged in the order of the time, and the implementation of the implementation timetable can help the plan to verify. The organization configuration, activity objects, corresponding powers, and time and place of personnel should also be explained in this part, and the adaptation procedures for execution should also be considered in this part.

      The reference here: venue layout, reception room, guest seats, sponsorship methods, contract agreements, media support, campus promotion, advertising production, hosting, leadership speech, deputy instrument, venue service, electronics, electronics Background, lighting, audio, camera, information connection, technical support, order maintenance, clothing, command center, atmosphere adjustment, connecting vehicles, after -activities cleanup personnel, group photo, catering entertainment, follow -up contact, etc. Please adjust according to the truth.

      6. Budget for funding:
      The costs of the activity are listed in a clear and clear form after the actual situation is calculated according to the actual situation.

      Seven. The problems and details that should be paid attention to during activities:
      The changes in the inside and outside environment, inevitable to bring some uncertain factors to the implementation of the scheme, so when the environment changes Whether there are response measures, the probability of losses, and how much losses are caused, and emergency measures should also be explained in the planning.

      8. The person in charge of the event and the main participants:
      Then the name of the organizer, the participant, the guest, and the unit (if the group planning should indicate the name of the group, the person in charge).


      1. This plan provides basic reference aspects. Small planning books can be directly filled; large planning books can be unconvinced in the form, design itself, and strive to be detailed and detailed in content. Page beautifully;

      2, you can specifically seal the page of planning books, strive to simple and dignified; the planning book can be packaged, such as the design logo as a header, graphic and text;

      3, if there is an attachment, you can be attached to the planning book, you can also bind it alone;

      4, the planning book needs to be binding from the long side of the paper;

      5, a large planning book There can be several sub -planning books.

      Attention: Basic steps for university activities:
      . If the event is done, the plan is first. Planning is the context of activities, and a good plan is a prerequisite for success.

      . Get support. It is a very necessary thing to gain the recognition and support of leaders; you will be particularly easy to do with the support of large media, and most of them will be successful.

      . Organize task groups to allocate personnel responsibilities. Rights and responsibilities should understand their responsibilities very well. Note that the assigning tasks should be people -oriented, and you cannot say that something "do a few of you do", so that this matter is basically not done well. There are several directions: command center, outline sponsorship group, on -site working group, publicity media group, on -site order, etiquette reception group, emergency personnel. Print the list of powers and responsibilities, so that everyone can see it clearly. In addition, meet once a day and report the progress in time in order to handle various information;

      . Sponsorship or other sources of funds: find sponsors, negotiate with them, and finally get an agreement that both parties can recognize. This is the activity needs. With funding, everything is easy to do; note: Advertising should not be too much, the negotiations must have the scale, otherwise the commercial taste may make the party aging!

      five. Combining resources. There are many props and items that need you to find it as soon as possible. Like an RPG game, you need to know how to get resources and combine resources.

      6. Publicity. The appetite of the participants is the responsibility of advertising, posters or other media.

      Seven. There must be a command center at the scene, responsible for timely dispatching;

      . In the process of conducting, there must be at least one way to communicate all staff. Such as mobile phone text messages, note or gestures.

      Nine. Special reminders, those who are leading, entrust, and creating atmosphere must be arranged. It is necessary to want to do a good job.

      X. Send the senior figures participating in the event carefully. Don't lose any etiquette. Remember to pay tribute to those who are hardworking but unknown! Your glory, they are the real creators. Of course, also appreciate your success

      This is the outline of the general marketing planning book. I don't know if it will help you!

      The event planning is a very important part of the advertising activity. Good event planning will play a role in helping the company's brand building and product sales. Executive planning books, so the writing of planning books is very important. This article analyzes the relevant content of the event planning through several attention points of the planning book.
      The activity planning plan is an effective behavior of companies or enterprises to increase sales and increase market share in the short term. The popularity of the enterprise and the reputation of the brand will play a positive role in improving.
      The event planning is relative to market planning cases. Strictly speaking, it is a case with market planning, and they are interconnected and complementary. They all belong to the overall marketing ideas and models of the enterprise. Only by the market planning cases and event planning cases that have been raised before are they integrated and continuous advertising behaviors. The brand cultural connotation agreed, and only the idea of ​​the event planning case can only keep the enterprise stable market sales.
      The event planning cases are diverse. Generally speaking, including ROADSHOW, product description (press conference), holiday promotion, news event marketing, etc. Analysis can be derived from countless forms. Event planning often has a direct effect on the listing of new products, product terminal paving and product transformation, so it is also an important part of advertising planning.
      For some friends who have just exposed to advertisements, or in the industry who just come into contact with planning, it may be difficult for them to achieve the expected results when writing event planning, and even some advertisers engaged in many years of planning It is inevitable to make mistakes, so how can we write an ideal activity planning case? I think you need to pay attention to the following points:
      1. The theme must be single, inheriting the total marketing ideas
      During the planning activities, first of all The expenses of input and market analysis (including the current advertising behavior analysis, target consumer group analysis, consumer psychological analysis, product characteristics analysis, etc.) to make accurate judgments, and after SWOT analysis Extracting the most important and most important theme at present, and it can only be a theme. In a event, you cannot do everything. Only by conveying one of the most important information to the target consumer group. The target consumer group can attract the attention of the audience, and it is easier to remember the information you want to express.
      2. Directly explain the interest point
      After determining the only theme, the audience consumer group can also accept the information we want to convey, but although many people still remember the advertisements, they did not form a purchase purchase. Impulsion, why? That's because they did not see the interests that they had a direct relationship, so the important point in the planning was to directly illustrate the interest points. If it was a preferential promotion, you should directly tell consumers your preferential amount. And if it is a product description, the most eye -catching selling point should be sold. Only in this way can the target consumers cause the impulse to buy after exposed to the direct interest information, thereby forming purchases.
      3. The activity should be carried out around the theme and try to streamline it.
      The many planning copywriting often wants to perform a lot of activities when planning activities. It is believed that only rich and colorful activities can attract consumers' attention. First, it is easy to cause the primary and second. Many market activities are very active, and many people participate in it. It seems that the response is very enthusiastic, but among the people who watch or participate, how many people are the target consumer group of the enterprise, and even the target consumer group, they are after participating in the event. Do you buy products one after another? At present, a problem that some planners often complain are the moral issues of the onlookers. Many people often leave after watching the excitement, or they leave the gifts issued by the company. In fact, the problem here is that the content of the activity is not in line with the theme, so it is difficult to achieve the expected results. In the current market planning activities, some activities are lively and can achieve good results. The theme is performed. Second, improve the cost of activity and poor implementation. In a plan, if you add too many activities, you must not only invest more manpower and material resources and financial resources, which directly leads to an increase in the cost of activity. Another problem is that it is easy to lead to poor execution of the operator and eventually lead to the failure of the case.
      4. Has good execution
      A suitable product, a good creative plan, plus a good execution team, is a successful market activity. Whether the execution can succeed is the operability of the planning case directly and fundamentally. Planning must be well implemented. In addition to thorough thinking, detailed activity arrangements are also essential. The time and methods of the activity must be carefully analyzed by the situation and the situation of the executive personnel. In addition, the specific arrangement should be thorough. In addition, the impact of the external environment should also be considered.
      5. Change writing style
      In general, the planner often accumulates his own set of experience during the writing of the plan. Of course Personal planning may have its own model. However, this model often limits the thinking of the planner. It is impossible to grasp the market without a change of view.而在策划书的内容上也同样应该变换写作风格,因为如果同一个客户三番五次地看到你的策划都是同样的壳子,就很容易在心理上产生一种不信任的态度,而这种The initial effect may affect the performance of creativity.
      6. Do not subjective remarks
      In early in the event planning, market analysis and survey are very necessary. Only by analyzing the entire market situation can we clearly realize that enterprises or products are facing faced by enterprises or products If you find a problem, you can find a solution in a targeted manner. The subjective planner cannot make successful planning. Similarly, in the process of planning books, subjective ideas should also be avoided, and subjective types should be avoided, because the planning case is not implemented, and any result may occur. Forms of vague analysis, and if customers see the subjective words in the planning book, they will feel that the entire planning case has not undergone real market analysis, but it is only the result of subjective measurement.
      At last, a promotion cannot achieve great results, nor can it be established as a result, so do not want to solve all problems through an event. A event can only solve one problem. In terms of sales of goods, only by adhering to the correct marketing ideas, and under this idea, appropriate promotional activities can be carried out at appropriate time and appropriate locations can enterprises continue to develop faster and better.

      1. Executive summary and closing

      The trademark/pricing/important promotional means/target market, etc.

      2. Current marketing status

      (1) Market status: Current product market/scale/advertising promotion/market price/profit space, etc.

      (2) Product status: the variety/characteristics/price/packaging of the current market.

      (3) Competition: The main competitors and basic situation in the market.

      (4) distribution status: sales channels, etc.

      (5) Macro environmental conditions: consumer group and demand status.

      3. SWOT problem analysis

      advantages: sales, economy, technology, management, policy and other advantages.

      D disadvantages: sales, economic, technical, management, policies (such as industry control and other policies restrictions) and other aspects of disadvantages.

      RMB: market probability and grasp.

      The threat: the biggest threat and risk factors in market competition.

      The: How to avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses, give full play to your advantages, and avoid disadvantages and risks.

      4. Objective

      Financial target:

      The company's sales revenue forecast for the next 3 or 5 years (under the success of financing): r

      (unit: 10,000 yuan)

      marketing target: how much sales costs have reached.

      5. Marketing Strategy

      Target market:-


      Price pricing: The composition of product sales costs and the basis for the formulation of sales prices.

      distribution: distribution channels (including proxy channels, etc.).

      Sales team: formation and incentive mechanism.

      service: after -sales customer service.

      In advertising: publicity advertisement form.

      Promotion: promotion method.


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