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    Ask for some computer stand -alone games. What are the free ones that can be played without the Internet?


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. You can download some single -machine games to play

      action games
      "Devil May Cry" series, including "Devil May Cry 1", "Devil May Cry 2", "Special Edition of Devil May Cry 3", "Devil May Cry 4" "Special Edition" "Devil May Cry 5", "DMC Devil May Cry"

      "Angel Hunting Witch"

      "Monster Hunter World"
      n shooting games
      "Call of Duty 16"

      "Battlefield 5"

      "Sniper Elite"

      Horizon "

      " Need for Speed ​​"

      " Racing Plan "

      fighting games
      " Street Fighter 5 "

      "Iron Fist 7"

      "Dead or Life 6"

      This works are relatively good game masterpieces

      More, I think many people are also given you a better answer in the answer. Single -machine games are rich in types. I do n’t know which type you like, so I recommend some LAN here.

      "Warcraft 3", you can have more classic pictures, such as RPG types, and guards such as swords, and can play with a few people. There are many types of graphs, which can be single -machine or local area network, which is one of the best ways to eliminate time.

      "The Road to Survival" can download the survival road series if you like to shoot guns. It can also be a local area network with up to 4 people. It is also very good to fight zombies together.

      The "GTA" series, any series is also a good place that can be worn out infinitely, and can be destroyed at will, the depression pressure on the ship can be released in the game can also be released in the game Essence

      "Radiation 4" and "Elder Scrolls 5" have nothing to say. It is recommended to put a few different mods in advance. I guess it can be played for several years.

      It the "Three Kingdoms 11" if you like the strategy. You can also make more mods and start the self -abuse mode. They are all games that are not tired of playing.

      above is my personal opinion, I hope to help everyone. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below the article. After seeing it, I will answer it in time. Thank you for your support!

      The single machine, free, I have three.
      "War Selection"
      A real -time strategic game, there are single players in the game, divided into four difficulty, players in the single model need to collect, stone, wood, iron and other materials to build castles, train the army, and train the army. Protect the miracle and resist the waves of enemies. The game has joined the change of the times. After experiencing the war of swords, players can also taste the power of gun artillery.

      "Empire Aparts"
      is also a real -time strategic game. It is like a cartoon version of the Empire Age series. In line, players need to build their own country, and then do the opponent, the game supports simplified Chinese, and the body is free.

      "Adventure Commune"
      a domestic card game. If you do n’t want to the Internet, you can only play with the brain. There are two versions of the game, namely the official version and the trial version The official version requires money, the trial version is free, there is no time limit for the trial version, how long you want to play if you want to play.

      The is the island in the game. Some islands are dangerous and some have treasures. Players need to use cards with different effects to ensure their safety and get the most treasures. Of course, you can also use your teammate to reduce the gold coins in their pockets, or send them directly home without participating in the distribution of treasures.

      If the above is not clear, you can go to my homepage to read an article about this game's detailed gameplay, this game is still very interesting.

      It, in addition to this game, there is also a card game industry for free: "Manarocks", which is completely different from the "Adventure Commune" gameplay. You can choose yourself.

      Thank you for reading. Is the above is a free stand -alone game I recommend? If you help you, remember to like it!

      Finding Qian Ming Jue Mei, what kind of game do you like, let's help you find it!

      The variety of single -machine games, there is always one that will be suitable for you. Below I will take a look at some of the classic PC stand -alone games I have been playing.

      1. Revisiting the classic "Little Overlord Game"

      The many classic games, you deserve to have, remember childlike fun.

      2. The large "arcade game"

      3. The key point is. Classic single -machine computer game large market

      Single -machine war and first -person shooting game

      The red alert various versions

      Sstart hegemony 1. (2 single -machine series) Star Wars between the human race, the Protoss, and the Zerg n
      Warcraft series

      The landing series with TD 3C task map version, recommended to grab the beach to 2005. Blood battle Myanmar.

      This game is a combination of various arms during World War II. More real. In particular, the Allied M105 howitzer and the German tiger tank cranes the Allied Sherman tank. There are also 88 anti -tank guns that can both tanks and airplanes. Recommendation

      The battlefield series

      The first person's shooting game, the summoning of the mission, and the Medal of Honor (highly recommended).

      It occasionally you can rectify your neighbors. "Targeting Expert"

      If you want to be a big brother, I recommend playing "Grand Theft Speed"

      If you don't like to play war themes, you recommend some martial arts RPG series

      Meteor butterfly sword

      Xianjian Qi Xia Biography series (recommendation)

      It hope there will be a type of stand -alone game suitable for you.

      Themakers of Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne, a relatively old -fashioned but classic RPG mode game, I like it for almost ten years.

      The single -machine games on the computer are more playable. R n1 King of Fighters is a well -known battle -type fighting arcade game released on the MVS game machine board in 1994. It is also referred to as "KOF". It is also the name of a world -scale fighting contest held in the plot. Originally, the other two other works under the company "Hungry Wolf Legend

      " series and "Dragon Tiger Fist 2" southern town for the fighting contest was held on the stage.

      2 An ancient tomb film is a special action adventure game developed by the British EIDOS company. When the game background is the hero of Laura, her father died, and she inherited Claus Family heritage and count. Since then, her name has been closely linked to 16 major archaeological discoveries in the world, and Laura Claus has risen.

      3 The ancient scroll, the game background setting of the ancient scroll is a continent located on the Naine Star, which is the main scene site of the ancient scroll calendar game. "Elder Scrolls 1: Arena" is the only work that appears in all mainlands.

      4 games described the story of the three races in the center of the Galaxy in the early 26th century. The three races are: Terran (Terran) of the Earth, a rapidly evolved biological group Zerg (Zerg), and a highly civilized and spiritual power of ancient race priests. The innovative design of the three unique races of the game has been well received.

      "StarCraft" provides a game battlefield for players to confront. This is also the core content of the game and all real -time strategic games. In this game battlefield, players can manipulate any race, collect resources on specific maps, produce troops, and destroy all the buildings of the opponent to win. The game also provides players with a multi -player battle mode. This project in South Korea is particularly prevalent and developed professional game competitions. A large number of players confronted the TV league and won a high popularity.

      5 "Three Kingdoms" is a historical simulation game series developed by Japan. It was released in 1985 [1]. The first part of the "Three Kingdoms" series of games.

      6 "Red Alert" is a role -playing stand -alone game issued by Westwood and EA. It adds a lot of control options in the game so that players can control the troops under the complex battle.

      "Xian Jian Qi Xia Biography" is a series of computer games released by China Taiwan Daewoo Information Co., Ltd. ("Daewoo Information" or "Daewoo").

      Xianjian story takes the ancient Chinese demon god and ghost legend as the background, with martial arts and Xianxia as the theme. , A online social game and a derivative mobile game.

      1. "Zhen · Three Kingdoms Warriors 8"

      is an open world action game developed by KOEI TECMO (Glory Turus), Japan, in February 2018 On the 8th, the Xbox One platform was released on the 8th, and on February 13 of the same year on the Steam platform.

      2. "Grand theft Auto V)

      is an open action adventure that is published by the Rockstar Games game company. game. This game landed on Play Station 3, Xbox 360 platforms on September 17, 2013, and on November 18, 2014, landed on Play Station 4 and Xbox One platforms.

      The multiplayer mode "Grand Theft Auto Online" was officially opened on October 1, 2013. The PC version was launched on April 14, 2015.

      3. "Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4"

      is a fighting game developed by Cyber ​​Connect2. One is released on February 4, 2016.

      The plot development of the previous game "Naruto Ninja Blast: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3", spanning the entire fourth ninja war.

      4. "Dragon Ball: Super Universe 2"

      is a fighting game produced and distributed by Nangmeng Palace. It was released on October 28, 2016.

      The historical changes that continue to occur after the Demikura incident. At the time of the world, the gods of the king recruited time and space patrols in order to cope with the changing historical changes.

      5. "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3)

      A first -person shooting game issued by Dynamic Vision Company is the third part of the "Modern Warfare" series, and the eighth work of the Call of Call for Call.

      mini -world: make your own mini map and game rules! Share the mini map, others play you.

      1 The Call of Duty is a classic.

      2 The original shape 1 and 2 are called divine works, enjoying the nature of the game.

      3 Zombie Siege series is a game that defeats zombies.

      The is very happy to answer your questions. There are no need for stand -alone games on the computer. Here are a few of them.

      1, sports: live football, the game screen is clear and realistic, easy to operate! The biggest selling point of this game is a new system called We-Shop!

      2, shooting: counter -terrorist elite CS. It is a first -person shooting game. The game screen is clear, the realm of real weapons in the game is diverse, and it is very popular with players after launch!

      3, racing class: Need for speed, this game has high -definition picture quality and diversified tasks. The game provides single and multi -player game mode! It is loved by the majority of players!

      4, chess and card: Single -machine landlord, this game is produced by domestic top chess and card manufacturers. It has a fun game interface, bringing players a better experience.

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