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    Billiards competition planning plan


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. A good billiard plan does not go home to get the top super real experience brought by the world -class ball table, participating in the competition impact champion trophy, and the fun of the game! Let me share with you the planning plan of the billiards game, I hope you can be satisfied.
      This plan planning plan
      The "Unicom Cup" youth billiards open event plan for the "Unicom Cup" of Shilou County
      It to enrich the cultural and sports life of the majority of young people in the county, promote the concept of sports and fitness, and show the young people in our county. In healthy and upward spiritual style, the Shilou County Party Committee of the Communist Youth League will organize the Shilou County "Unicom Cup" youth billiards competition during May 4th. The event plan is as follows:
      . The organizer of the competition: Shilou County Youth League Committee
      . The organizer: Shijue Billiards Club (opposite to Shilou County Hospital)
      . Sponsor: Shi Shi: Shi Shi Louxian Unicom Company
      competition venue introduction: The venue of this competition is provided for free by the Shijue Billiards Club (opposite the third floor of Shilou County Hospital). Standard ball, IP public rod, equipped with a rest area, mobile phone WiFi, provided a variety of beverages, elegant environment and complete supporting facilities.
      . Participants: All young men and women in Shilou County (under 40 years of age) can register for free
      . Registration Place: Mission and County Party Committee or Shijue Billiards Club can
      6. Registration registration Time: From April 13th, 2015 to April 19
      7. Starting time: officially launched at 6 pm on April 20, 2015
      4. Competition time, location Overview:
      competition It is divided into X -stage, and time is invited from x moon x day to x day
      The also invited XXX to be awarded guests to presented awards to the Asian runner -up.
      : The detailed competition process is announced after the registration deadline.
      5. Competition project:
      The national standard team ball crown Asian third place competition
      6. Competition rules:
      1. The game adopts a black eight ball system. The winning system, the second stage of promotion and the semi -finals adopt the "grab five" system, and the third stage of the Champions League and runner -up competition adopts the "seven seven" system. Note: After the man's player, let the woman go in two goals.
      2. The remaining rules are referred to the "Rules of the China Taiwan Association Sixteen Color Competition"
      3. The results judgment: the results of the competition, the judgment of the referee shall prevail.
      It: All the athletes do not reach the start of the game within 10 minutes of the start of each game, and the theory of abandonment is given.
      7. Award setting
      All projects set up a championship of a bonus X yuan; a bonus X yuan for runner -up; a third place in the third place, the excellent award XX name to the XX famous souvenir and XX Yuan Member Card.
      8. Registration method and other precautions:
      . Please go to the county league committee or the World Juenate Billiards Club (opposite the floor of the county hospital) to register, also
      The players register.
      2. Registration players will submit the registration form at XX before noon of X Month and X. Contact number: Shijue billiards
      3. Interpretation of this competition belong to the organizer. The prizes are provided by the organizer. If there are other matters, notify it separately.
      4. The game venue, ball table and ball and table club are provided by the co -organizers.
      Annex: Participating registration form
      XX's first billiard competition registration form
      Note: 1. Players must indicate contact information.
      2 Each player who participates in the competition will bring the registration form before the game. 3 All competition players can practice free of charge one day in advance.
      This Bannia Contest Planning Plan 2
      . Activity purpose:
      In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, develop everyone's interests and love
      , at the same time, the company's existing venue For the equipment, the company organizes the first Taiwan
      to increase the exchanges and friendship between employees of various departments.
      . Activity time and place
      1. Registration time: As of May 21, 2013
      2. Competition time: 9:00 am on May 26, 2013 (preliminary) r
      9:00 am on June 2, 2013 (rematch)
      . 9:00 am (final) on June 9, 2013
      . The referee commander: Zhang Senhuan, referee: Li Jiangbing, Yuan Jinglong
      3. Activity method
      1. Registration contestants to the personnel clerk office or department owner
      Sign up.
      2 and May 24th according to the registration; report the list of contestants to the personnel department clerk.
      3. The competition is divided into preliminary and finals.
      4. A single -game knockout match was adopted in the preliminary round. The lottery decides the opponent of the game.
      5. The rematch adopts a single -game knockout match. Finals are finally selected to enter the finals.
      1. The personnel department and relevant staff enter the competition location in advance for on -site layout.
      2. Earnate the game table, club, billiards and Joker, pumping paper, etc. (Peng Hongshou and Huang Haipeng are responsible).
      3. Divide the competition area and watch the area.
      4. Notify the competition and publicize the rules of the competition one day in advance (responsible for Zhang Senhuan and Li Jiangbing).
      5. Do a good job in the game statistics and post -match reports (responsible for Peng Hongshou and Huang Haipeng).
      . The rules of the competition
      (1) Opening area
      1. The bottom edge of the table to the kick -off line (1/4 of the director, a line parallel to the bottom) r r r r r r r r r N is the kick zone.
      2. KMC: The main ball must be placed after the kick -off line.
      (2) KMC
      1. The kick -off is determined in the form of a lottery.
      2. The winner of the game in the final will automatically get the right to kick off in the first game.
      3. Strike the main ball into the placed ball -shaped heap, which marks the opening of the general game
      4. Effective kicking: At least one color ball enters the bag or four color balls meet the shore.
      5. Punishment of foul kick -off foul: Maintain the table ball, the right of both sides or two strikes
      (3) Hit the ball (effective kick -off)
      . Target ball
      2. There is a ball into a bag or any ball to meet the shore.
      (4) Determination of color
      1. When the ball has no ball, the opponent will continue to hit the ball arbitrarily.
      2. First of all, the player who scored first, the authorities needed to hit the color to the first face
      color, and the opponent was opposite.
      3. If there are multiple colored balls at the same time when kicking off the ball, the face of the first bag of the ball
      (5) Foul: The player's rules will be a chance to hit the ball twice.
      1. The main ball is dropped (let the opponent play the ball in the kick).
      2. Hit the opponent's ball into the bag.
      3. Strike the opponent directly.
      4. The ball did not touch the shore.
      5, empty rod.
      (6) belongs to the luggage foul (once the offender is violated, the other party wins). No. 1, 8 and color balls fall at the same time (except for the ball).
      2. Without a group of color balls in this group, the 8th ball was touched into the bag.
      3. When hitting his last color ball, he fell into the bag with the 8th ball at the same time.
      . The prize award is set
      1. This event sets the first prize, second prize, third prize and commemorative award.
      2. One first prize; 200 yuan, one second prize; 150 yuan, one third prize; 100 yuan, commemorative award, one box of Yili Youyu acid.
      6. Budget for activity costs
      1. The cost of competition is about 700 yuan.
      Seven. Disciplinary requirements of the competition
      In to ensure the smooth progress of this game, and to provide a good competitive environment for the participants, the following discipline is made Settle to mute or shutdown. During the game, you must not
      listening to the phone.
      2. During the competition, the person who attended the scene must not send out or make the sound and movement of the selection
      , such as whistle, boo, etc.
      3. Do not afford to make troubles and violate the warning.
      4. During the competition, the contestants' penalties for the referee must not be objected, and
      The iliac people cancel the qualifications of the contest at the same situation.
      5. Participants are prohibited from exit during the competition.
      6. There are objections to the achievements obtained by the referee.
      7. Ensure the hygiene of the field, not allowed to eat snacks and throw garbage.

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