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    How to do game promotion.


    Sep 23, 2022
    4 thoughts on “How to do game promotion.”
    1. 1. Use graphic media to promote. It can be promoted through TV advertisements and outdoor advertising. As long as the promotion scene is suitable and the strategy is correct, any place where people flow can be promoted, such as various university parks, subways, trains and other places. , And the more likely it is to make people do nothing, the better the promotion effect.
      2. Use cross -border implantation methods to promote. Use some channels that are not directly related to the game to promote, such as live broadcast, short video, online novels and other methods for promotion.

      3. Use social forums to promote. You can use some domestic forums, such as Tianya, Tieba, QQ space and other social networks with large traffic IPs for game promotion.

    2. How to promote the game:
      mainly promoting the company's game. If the players you recommend reach a certain level or requirement, the promoter can get the corresponding reward. First of all, it is generally a website link, which is your promotion link. Players can register or log in with this link to add corresponding points to you, and some are sending activation codes. Anyway, the number of people promoted and the level of the promotion of the player played by the player.

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