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    How to fight Chengcheng Mahjong


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Du Mahjong's play development is suitable for the "taste of players" in various regions. Although everyone is familiar with the play of Chengdu Mahjong,nBut generally, many house players think that a mahjong winning or losing is full of energy, but I personally think that technologynThis method used) In other words, the player is not sure which one is missing at the beginning, as long as the lack of one door at the end of the cardnThat's it; of course, now it is slowly starting to be popular, that is, the player must determine which one must be missing, and this kind of fightnThe law is relatively uncertain, and the technical content has been reduced a lot.nIn fact, the key to whether it is Zhang Chengdu Mahjong or the Chengdu Mahjong is to pay attention to thinking, reasoning, calmnessnNot anxious (some people have a bad hand for a while, the cards are not good for a while, they start to fall when they lose, and the cursing card becomes very dry.nEasy to play the wrong card, lose more and go further (: =, in fact, the general one of the mahjong everyone has a relatively good hand.nWhen you wait, the key is whether you can win more when you are good at your hands, and lose less when your hands are not good; so whether you are currentlynWhether the situation is losing or winning, you must pay attention to the current situation of each game (whether anyone is making a big Hu, how many dangerous cards are there), yourselfnWhat? Wait, these are what everyone should think about;nAnd the situation often encountered in actual combat, just represent personal opinions and players, not absolute. Everyone still needs to combine the realnJudging by the situation)nFor Chengdu Mahjong (in the game platform is about to be launched in the game platform), for examplenThe card is determined by the hand, so you can't talk about the problem of deduction.n1. First of all, look at the right son. If there is no one to the other, there is no right one, and generally there will be no right one;nIt is easier to encounter, and the habit of most people is to play high and low (height is like 10,000, 20,000, 80,000, 90,000 and the like); Zi (such as 30,000, 70,000, 3, 7, etc.), 3 or 7 ZhangzinThere are 50,000 to 60,000 in my hand. It seems that there can be more Zhang Zi that can be rely on, and it is better to have a good hand, good cards; you want to think,nWhich one is to retreat, which one is to retreat, and the one -piece `(the personal playback is advocated to keep the attack first and then attack).nI don't think it's very good. They are used to hitting first and then touching. You should touch it first. Everyone thinks that it is missing that card anyway.nThere is no need to touch it if you want to fight, no! Nothing!n1. Everyone knows that Chengdu Mahjong is "raining" (raining is opening the bars) to collect money, so you must first play the single,nAnd there is no present life on the hall (in the card), which can prevent others from only two in the hands.nBut if you don't hit others this round, you may touch three bars. If you have three people in your hand, you can't help it.nBefore playing others, you have to open the bar.n2. Play 3 or 7 firsts, one is someone else or the bar or touches 3 or 7 words.nIf I touched 30,000 (in general, I won't touch 30,000 ...nCreating `` `. At the same time, everyone can go to the house to play chess and chess.

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