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    1. 2010 latest 10 stand -alone game rankings
      : "Resident Evil 5" (Resident Evil 5), support Xbox360 and

      Sale to the outside world. The new game will gradually unveil the many unsolved mysteries in Biochemical Crisis 4, adding a strong heroine Sheva. "Biochemical Crisis 5" sets the scene in a hot desert town in the Middle East, but it is still indispensable to use dark scenes to set off the horrible and tense atmosphere.

      : "God of War III", supports

      "God of War 3" is scheduled to be released on October 1, 2009. "God of War 3" uses a new graphic engine, and the performance effect of physical materials will achieve 4 times the previous work. With the help of new engines, the characters in the God of War 3 will be smoother and natural, and the image will be more lifelike, including various special effects, including lightning, will be more dazzling than before. In addition, the number of enemies in the game in the game will be more than the front, and the interaction between characters and levels will be higher.

      Third: "Grand Theft Auto: CHINATOW WARS", supports Nintendo DS

      Sale on the 17th. When combining the most successful popular game with the most popular hand -up game machine, Nintendo will definitely make a stable.

      Fourth: "Wii Sports Resort" (Wii Sports Resort), supports Wii

      "Wii Sports Votetate" is scheduled to be released outside 2009. The background of "Wii Sports Victory" is a tropical island. The scope of this movement will be more comprehensive and extensive, including water motorcycles, fencing, playing flying disks with puppy. "Wii Sports Vote" gathers several sports games. With the new Wii accessories sold with games, the message receiving of the sensor bar can be more sensitive and fast, making it easier for players to be captured and enjoyed The more realistic and fun game experience makes players easily immersed in it.

      is the same as "Wii Movement". In "Wii Movement Victory", players can play with their families and friends, whether they are on -site refueling or participating players. In fun confrontation, get high fun. The simple and easy -to -use characteristics allow novices or veterans to quickly enter the game competition.

      Fifth: "Street Fighter IV", supports Xbox 360 and PS3

      Essence The new game is the game launched by Capcom's 20th anniversary of the birth of "Street Fighter". The storyline is based on the story of "Street Fighter 2" as the background, adding many new characters. According to the plan, the limited edition of "Street Fighter 4" is priced at $ 79.99. In addition to the game, there will be a 65 -minute animation film, mini strategy book, original sound music CD and unintentional 65 -minute animated film, mini strategy book, original sound music CD, and unintentional Mysterious additional download content. Regarding the model, the PS3 and X360 version will correspond to Long and the new character poisonous snake Weber respectively.

      The sixth: "Killzone 2" (Killzone 2 ", supports PS3

      " Killing Zone 2 "is scheduled to be released outside February 17, 2009. "Killing Zone 2" is the next -generation sequel of the PS2 version of "Killing Zone". The game is developed by the headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the Guerilla Games Studio under Sony. In "Killing Zone 2", the player will play the members of the Star Strategy Alliance (ISA) special team to deeply penetrate the base of the Helghast empire of the military dictatorship, and shatter its ambition to expand the aggression.

      "Killing Zone 2" uses a variety of complex rendering technology, making the world in the game look darker than the previous game. In addition, the newly added action of blind shooting in "Killing Zone 2". Players can shoot or slanted against the wall without switching the viewpoints, play a role in suppressing the enemy's firepower.

      The seventh: "Batman: Arkham Asylum" (Batman: Arkham Asylum, supports Xbox 360 and PS3

      It will be released on May 1st. "Batman: Agan Crazy House" describes the criminal and other criminals such as the Cable in the Psychiatric Hospital in Gogkan City, Gangtan City. The Batman will once again play to fight against justice and evil forces. It has also published comics of the same name, and the original author Pauldingni continues to be responsible for script production.

      "Madworld", supports Wii

      "Crazy Crazy "World" is planned to be released on March 10, 2009. "Crazy World" is an action game developed by the four -leaf grass studio under Sega. This game tells the Varrigan, which is controlled by the organizer's self -control. The city held a killing game, and the protagonist Jack participated in the horror killing game that was become a "death competition". The game was shown in black and white, and the bright red color showed the cruelty of the game.

      : "Heavy Rain" (Heavy Rain), supports PS3

      "Rainstorm" is scheduled to be released to the public in the fall of 2009. "Rain" is responsible for the Quantic Dream production team, which is initially determined as adventure games , Development is extremely low, and it is just an unshakable work. A 3 -minute film was displayed at the E3 exhibition last year. It's quite shocking. "Rain Rain" uses the latest action capture technology, which is completely different from other games.

      Tenth: "Dante's Inferno", supports Xbox 360 and PS3

      "Dante's Hell" is scheduled to be released outside 2009. "Dante's Hell" is used by Italian poet Algeli Dante Alighieri "The Divine Comingy" Based, it is a third -person shooting game

    2. What type do you want to play? Role-playing: Hanzhiyun (picture stick) Fairy Sword 2 3 4 plot stick Fantasy Three Kingdoms 1-4 Strategy: Three Kingdoms 1-11 (8 10 11 fun) Three Kingdoms Biography 27 Interest Taige Li Zhi Biography Series 4 5 Fun Nobunaga’s Mustang Recommended 11 12 13 Plant Zombie Aviation Times 2 4 Funny Fantasy of the Three Kingdoms British Jie Wind 5 6 Fun Fantasy Simulation 4 Operation: God Dart Broken Rivers and Lakes World Battle 2 Grand Monopoly Series : Trinity Tyrannosaurus 2 Tomb Raider If you really do n’t like it, you will play the Internet: Warcraft (the specific point is Dota, a man is lonely playing Doat ~~) Red Police 3 (fun recommendation ~!) Red Police 2 Playing simulated games supplement: Three Kingdoms Warriors Warriors Z. This is the essence I have played ~~~ You can refine it here and see which one you like to play. : Strategy Supplement: Flame Malmel Baltic Series Sports: NBA Need for Speed

    3. FPS category does not know that LZ terrorist does not play
      The death space terrorist FPS masterpiece 2 generations are coming out
      The new century of the last century of the last century
      You can freely explore in the universe
      The landless land last year FPS Europe and the United States evaluated the first more COD push! Intersection Intersection
      The coquettish game of riding and killing 600MB
      Dragon Song
      The Battle of Transformers Betan Absolutely Original Adapted Game! It is worth playing
      . There are just civilizations 5,

      Stimeter depends on your preferences!

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    5. The fun stand -alone is "Riding and Killing 2". It is a sequel to the highly anticipated medieval combat simulator and role -playing game "Riding and Killing". 200 years ago, it expanded the detailed combat system and the world of Karladia. By the bombardment of the siege engine to bombard the mountain fortress, establish a secret criminal empire in the back alley of the city, or rush into a chaotic battle to seek power.
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