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    What kind of games can there be two mobile phones on the mobile phone?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Fighting: "King of Fighters I 2012", "Naruto", "Street Fighter"
      car category: "Wild Data 8", "Need for Speed: Most Wanted OL"
      War: "Modern Warfare 5" , "FIFA14", "Hundred Warfare Sky 3", "Nova3", "Six Revolved Left Wheels", "Rainbow Six"
      : military flags, chess, Go, checked, Wuzi chess
      The status quo of mobile games:
      The game has always been one of the most abundant cakes in the market. Playing games in addition to work has become the living habit of most people in the current society. Driven by smartphones, playing mobile games has become a new habit and social phenomenon. So now, what about the status quo of mobile games in my country?
      The mobile game market potential huge
      The global leading mobile Internet third -party data mining and integrated marketing institution Ai Media Consultation () The 2012 China Mobile Game Market Annual Report. The report shows that the scale of China's mobile game market in 2012 reached 5.87 billion yuan, an increase of 79.0%over 2011. Among them, the scale of China's mobile online game market in 2012 reached 2.177 billion yuan.
      With the increasing popularity of smartphones, the deepening of 3G and even 4G networks, the mobile game market will inevitably become larger and larger, and people have habitually used mobile phones in various time fragments. It can be said that my country's mobile game market potential is huge!
      . What type of mobile game is more preferred?
      It from the habits of consumers and the characteristics of smartphones, although there are many masterpieces with exquisite picture quality, there are a lot of special mobile phones, and they can indeed get the love of many game enthusiasts. But as a whole, relaxed and humorous and simple casual mobile games are more suitable for the domestic market.
      Whether it is a few classic mobile games mentioned above, or the recent popular "Find You", "Crazy Guess", or chess and card games that men and women and children love, they are all casual games. Essence This type of game allows players to completely relax and enjoy pleasant happiness between the small screens of the mobile phone, rather than the elements such as violence and pornography. It can be said that these are "green games" ~ According to a data survey, consumers most often play chess and card games, and the proportion of overall games accounts for 57%. It can be said that chess and card games are the most suitable mobile games for men, women, and children.

    2. 1. Soul Douro 5th generation unlimited life version v1.0 Android version of Adrioad4.9m [Gun War Fight] Update: 2017-07-27 Download immediately
      Soul Dou Luo 5th generation is a very great shooting game. I believe that everyone has played Soul Dou Luo. While the classic games are inherited, there are more new elements covering it, letting you play with the love!
      2. Hot Blood Soul Dou Luo 2 Internal Purchase V1.1 Android version of Adrioad18.8M [Gun War Fight] Update: 2017-07-26 Download immediately
      The exciting gun war shooting game, the game is exquisite, the battle scene is fierce, and the virtual joystick design is adopted to lead the player to return to childhood.
      3. Essence I believe everyone has played a super Marie game. This is a high imitation version, which is similar to the content, but the characters are different, and it is very interesting to play.
      4. New Super Mary Single Version V5.2.64 Android version of Adrioad11m [Puzzle Leisure] Update: 2017-06-01 download immediately
      The new Super Mary is a very great leisure game. As one of the Mario games. This one is more exciting than the previous, and a variety of maps are waiting for you to swim; the new small details are also very comfortable.
      5. Soul Dou Luo Invincible Version 99 Life V2.5 Android version of Adrioad3.3M [Gun War Fight] Update: 2017-08-12 download immediately
      99 life of Soul Dou Luo invincible version is very Good gun shooting mobile games, from beginning to end, this game of Soul Douro can be called classic.
      6. Doomsday War Soul Dou Luo Mobile Games V1.0 official website Android version of Adrioad118m [Role Play] Update: 2017-07-31 Download immediately
      Mobile games, incorporate many gameplay such as shooting, adventure and other gameplay, rich PK mode, massive armored weapon free combination, extreme PVP blood
      7. Cracking] Update: 2017-02-23 Download immediately
      Is happy landlord purchasing cracked version internal purchase, game is a stand-alone landlord free game. Players will play in the game, which is no different from realistic gameplay. Essence You can play anytime, anywhere without traffic.
      2265 Android network. 2265 Android network [Cited time 2018-1-26]

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