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    What position is CEO


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. CEO is CEO.

      The chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest administrative official responsible for daily affairs in an enterprise. CEO.
      CEO's responsibilities are as follows:
      1. Decisions of all major business operations of the company, including the increase or decrease of financial, business direction, and business scope;
      2. Resolution;
      3. Presiding the company's daily business activities;
      4. Signing contracts or processing business to the outside world;
      5. Submit an annual report.
      Ittaids of other company positions:
      1, CMO: Chief Marketing Officer
      Chief Marketing Officer is a senior manager who is responsible for market operations, also known as the marketing department manager ,Marketing director. It is mainly responsible for positioning marketing ideas in enterprises; grasping market opportunities, formulating marketing strategies and implementation plans, and completing the marketing goals of the enterprise.
      2, CFO: Chief Financial Officer
      The chief financial officer (Chief Financial Office) is an inevitable product developed to a new stage of corporate governance structure. In essence, the true meaning of CFO in the modern governance structure is not the change of its name and the granting of the official position, but the acquisition of its responsibilities and authority, and the actual play in management.
      3, COO: Chief Operating Officer
      The chief operating officer (Chief Operating Office (abbreviated COO, operating commander) is the official of the company's long -term strategy and supervise the general manager of various branches to implement the work. It is mainly responsible for the company's daily operations and assisted the CEO's work. Responsible for the CEO, responsible for the operation and management of the enterprise. COO is the president of some companies at the same time, but they are usually executive or senior vice presidents.

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